Young coconut water, what are the benefits?

Drink young coconut water every day and feel the difference!!

In asian countries, South America and in the Pacific Islands the benefits are well known.

They contain a clear water not milk, it takes about 10 months until the fruit is ready to consume. If you cannot find a place to buy it fresh, this is a good alternative:

This book helps you to find out more about all the benefits and how you can use coconut water in your day to day life:

However if you can buy the fresh one that should be your first choice.

Benefits are:

low in carbohydrates
low in fat
low in natural sugar
Keeps the body temperature stable (great in hot countries)
excellent re-hydration beverage, natural isotonic
helps to carry nutrients and oxygen to cells
helps preventing bacterial, viral and fungal infections
effective in the treatment of kidney and urethral stones
regulates intestinal problems
helps control body's natural fluid levels to help maintain proper blood pressure, circulation, kidney functions, digestion and liver functions
helps promote weight loss
helps prevent osteoporosis
helps control diabetes
promotes bowel movements
kills intestinal worms (to kill parasites put one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in the water for three days)

Make sure it is an organic one, it is easy to find out. As soon as they open it the white shell starts turning brown - this means no chemicals have been used. If the cuts stay white it is very likely that they have been sprayed with chemicals. The harvesters do wear masks and gloves to prevent to get in touch with the chemicals.

This video will give you some more amazing information:

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