Warung Bule & susy

by Rosa
(Nusa Dua)




My favourite warung is Warung Bule and Susy, in Nusa Dua. Everyday we go there for the food,Susy the proprietor and Chef cooks Madura flavours to perfection.

From my experience so many guests, even when they try it just once, end up coming back for at least one meal a day, if not more for the rest of their holiday in Bali.

When you come you will also meet Gad, he's the Bule (means foreigner for those of you who don't speak Bahasa Indonesia. He has great advice, we joke that he's a one stop solution to all your questions and desires in Bali. Whether you are looking for a new place to stay on your holiday in Bali, or to rent a house, he knows where to take you.

You will find the staff courteous and attentive. They always look like they are having lots of fun together.Susy keeps a really nice atmosphere in the Kitchen and food serving area.

It's one of the nicest, cleanest Warung (restaurants serving Indonesian cuisine) in the area.
You can find them at Jalan Siligita No 88, Nusa Dua, Bali.
0361-8557702 or visit them online www.warungbuleandsusy.wordpress.com on Facebook- Search Warung Bule and Susy, where you can find all the photo's of the amazing foods.

Foods are prepared with clean water, clean ice, and always fresh.It's safe to eat here. I know a lot of travelers like to try exotic foods, but be careful if you get foods in the market stalls, they don't consider whether it will give you some Bali belly.

Favourite Menu Items:
Kebabs on the grill, succulent Beef and VEgetables on skewers, a great dish with mini chat potatoes roasted to perfection.

Soup Kepala Ikan, one of the favourites, spicy fish head soup. People LOVE this one, it's something travelers will come all the way to Nusa Dua to have. ( It's a bit spicy for me, but everyone absolutely raves about it)

All time faourite is Ayam Goreng Lalapan or Ayam Bakar, this is fried chicken (doesn't sound so exotic in English) but it's a staple Warung food throughout Bali. The chicken is SO TASTY.Whether goreng (fried) or Bakar (BBQ'd) this one is a tasty treat.

You will love the Grilled Fish, Snapper, Barraramundi or local Fresh Ocean Fish. It's Susy's secret recipe of Spices that makes this tastier than the Jimbaran Seafood places.
Try it and you'll be back for more!

Rawon Madura- This is a beef soup. Why do Indonesian people eat so many soups? This question used to perplex me, now I know why...because it's so tasty, and the soup flavours the side-dish of rice. I don't know what the spices are, but it's an amazing Indonesian dish, made especially tasty with Susy's Madura recipe.

Nasi Campur- Mixed rice dish,basically rice, with many little servings of tasty treats. One of the best compliments I have heard about Bule and Susy's Nasi Campur is...."I can't believe how deliscious this is,I am having crab claw as well as all of the usual flavours. Never had a better Nasi Campur anywhere"
It's rare here to use seafood in Nasi Campur, but Gad and Susy have fresh fish everyday, so they make sure to go the extra mile to delight and surprise people with even the very basic dishes such as Nasi Campur.

Grilled King Prawns with Susy's special home made sauce. I tried to get the recipe for this one, but so far no luck. Come and see if you can find out what the secret is. If you find out...let me know! These are the real super duper big KING prawns. You will be surprised and delighted.

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