silent day

(currently in kuta, bali)

we had no idea that we would be in bali for nyepi day. sounded pretty cool at first but truthfully it's very difficult if you're not in a decent hotel. most resorts do a good deal with breakfast, lunch and dinner included, but it's usually a buffet meal and not necessarily the best of choices. hotels with salons, spas and shops within will usually keep these open so there are some distractions. all the tv and radio are cut off, so it might be worth renting a dvd player and dvd's before nyepi day. otherwise, our hotel set up a dvd player in the lobby and had it connected to our rooms. problem is - we have to watch what they pick, and although the movies are in english, they're usually not that great. thank god the internet isn't cut off though! if a decent hotel isn't within your budget, then at least try and get a room which has wifi or internet. otherwise you're screwed. oh, and a pack of playing cards and board games will keep you busy for a few hours - just remember to keep noise down to a minimum.'re not supposed to have sex on this religious day...but at the end of the day, how would they know?! but if you're superstitious then avoid's the day the spirits are all out and everything needs to be done to banish them from the island. truly an experience for one day, although i wouldn't be here again for nyepi.

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