Nyepi Day Parade

by Hira Morgan
(NT Australia)

Heading into the Beach area

Heading into the Beach area

Heading into the Beach area
Final resting place on the Beach

We moved to Bali Garden Hotel on Kuta Beach on the Eve of Nyepi Day. Fortunate for us to be in a prime spot to witness the resting place of the floats on Kuta Beach, the same place where they have their cremation ceremonies. The parade began at Ground Zero at 4 pm and finished at Kuta Beach around 11pm.

The Hotel has prep all the guests for the do's and don'ts for tomorrow... Looking forward to a good reason to relax and reflect on the past 12 months and being the beginning of a NY here in the Balinese culture a time to set some more goals for the future.

Feeling privileged to be here at this time...

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