longterm rental Bukit - great area to live in Bali!

This longterm rental Bukit is actually a villa where we have been living for about two years. We loved the views from the house over Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, and over to GWK Bali Cultural Park. Also the fact that a supermarket (Pepitos) opened recently just a few minutes from the villa made the location very attractive!

There are a few restaurants around there, for example Waroeng Rooftop , Kat's Kitchen (great Thai Restaurant) I will add more about that place soon, Waroeng Kampoeng and there is Warung Sibuni .
For entertainment there is KLAPA (New Kuta Beach) in Dreamland Beach and of course not to forget the famous Jimbaran Beach and in about l0 minutes drive distance you will find Bali Collection my favorite area for shopping and great places to eat!

We had a lot of visitors in this villa and had always a good time, it is a perfect home and also a perfect holiday house. We had a pool table for entertainment - even if you don't play - many of our visitors and friends started playing just because it is there.

In the garden area we had a few Frangipani trees, the white one, the yellow one and also a tricolore one (three colors, white, yellow and red) very nice to look at!

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