Longterm rental Bali Cliff - there are two villas for longterm rental

This longterm rental Bali Cliff is one of the best villas I have ever seen, the quality and design is breathtaking. When you enter the building you will stop and just take in the overwhelming views!
I was standing there and I was amazed, I could hear the waves breaking on the cliff and could smell the ocean, absolutely priceless!

We have been shown around and it was great to see how different one can build a villa in Bali, take a look at the main house first:

The entrance of the building is upstairs, and all 3 villas have the bedrooms upstairs - so one can enjoy the views, all the villas have the kitchen, the dining area and the living area downstairs, including an extra kitchen, dining and living area in the main building.

So the main building can be used from any other villa, also the pool is for all the villas. All three villas are facing the ocean and the two more to the left from the entrance are available for longterm rental.

Here are the pictures from villa A:

All of the villas have two bedrooms and two bathrooms, all of them have a study, all of them have a private outside living area and a plunge pool.

And this is Villa B available for longterm:

All villas have bathtubs on the first floor and have an unique design, there is one guest bathroom in the main building. There are so many more features in the villas it is a really fantastic place to stay! If you are interested to live here, please contact us with the form below!

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