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Holistic Retreats is a new page in the category spas & health. We want to cover something that is very common in Bali, the spiritual side where you can relax, practice yoga, eat healthy, lose weight, get healthy, find yourself, lose yourself, free yourself!!

FIT (Focused Intention Technique) Retreat
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This life-changing event will help you live your dream life, grow your business, make a LOT more money, while working much LESS (enjoying every moment!). Here's what you'll get when you make the commitment to register for
The Mindset Transformational Retreat.

  1. We're going to upgrade your Prosperity Mindset.
  2. You'll understand what stops you from making more money (your subconscious gunk, fears and beliefs about yourself)
  3. You'll get really clear on what money is really about
  4. You'll pinpoint your incongruences around money (what you say you want, and what you really feel) and then resolve these
  5. We're going to show you exactly how to upgrade your life with the FIT Mindset Proven System
  6. You'll learn how to upgrade your image, on the outside, but most importantly, the image you have of YOURSELF
  7. While we're at it, we'll upgrade the view you have of what you do in the world, to expand your vision of your purpose beyond what you're currently doing
  8. We'll seriously up-level your money consciousness
  9. You'll discover that everything you want to achieve or manifest already exists. All the tools you need are already inside you. Now it's about accessing them
  10. I'll show you how to release control and have faith
  11. We'll shift the way you think about money
  12. We'll shift the way you think about being aligned with your purpose
  13. You'll discover how to remove your own self-imposed obstacles and live the life you have always dreamed about
  14. You'll begin to release self- doubt resentments and judgments (of yourself and others)
  15. You'll free yourself from what others think of you
  16. You'll begin to truly honor and love yourself
  17. You'll realize very quickly that you ARE enough and that you ARE deserving of all the greatness that is at your fingertips
  18. You will gain the courage to heal
  19. And many, many more things… including loving every facet of yourself unconditionally, without struggle. THAT is when the faucet of abundance gets turned on and flows effortlessly for you.

No need to spend $150,000.00+ on different books, programs, seminars and coaching, like I did. We'll do it all together, with this Mindset Transformational Retreat.

This 'The FIT Mindset' System is both a very powerful AND an easy and fast process…

It is about clearing our internal blocks that get in the way of our connection to spirit and the abundance that is waiting for us.

Read Jacqueline's story below:

In November 2011 we moved from Jimbaran to Umalas as Bill was working in Seminyak and the drive every day just got too much. With the traffic in Bali it took him a minimum of one hour each way every day. When you live in Bali you want to enjoy the great lifestyle after work and that just didn't happen anymore!

I was still working on my website and was helping people find holiday villas. Loretta Mohl (who is Loretta Mohl ?) sent me an email asking if I could help her find a villa for 3 months. I searched around with my connections and one of my agent friends found the perfect place for her, so I thought.

After Loretta arrived in Bali she sent me an email telling me that they were in the wrong villa! I was shocked and agreed to contact my friend and meet them at the villa. That day changed my life forever, if that friend of mine wouldn't have put them in the wrong villa, Loretta and I would probably never have met!

Because we had a good conversation and they didn't know a lot of places in Bali I offered Loretta to take her on my scooter to some health food places and we were looking for nice coffee as well. We ended up driving around a few times and had lunch, and whilst talking about this and that Loretta explained to me her technique to change limited beliefs.

I am and have always been interested in all different teachings (and holistic Retreats)  so I was hooked from the first sentence I heard! She offered me a session that day and I accepted without hesitation.

I arrived at her villa very nervous and excited at the same time as I didn't know what was going to happen. She had set up two comfortable chairs and a tea table on the pool area and she offered me a drink. We sat down and Loretta explained that our whole life story has created beliefs and decisions which influence our day to day life and that with the FIT (focused intention technique) we can change the beliefs that limit our potential to live the life of our dreams.

Wow, that sounded so good to me, I was highly motivated and extremely looking forward to learn more about this ! This is exactly what I was searching for all my life!

When we were ready to start the first session which Loretta explained to me was an 11 step process and she would guide me through it, I felt my whole body starting to shake and tears were running down my face! There was no control I could not stop crying and I didn't know why! Loretta got up and gave my some tissues and told me to take my time and slowly I found myself calming down but my tears continued running down my face almost the whole time.

After a few minutes she started to relax me with some meditation and asked me to connect to my heart. When she started the 11 step process she asked me to respond with the first thing come to mind, without wondering why, so I did. Some of my replies didn't make sense to me at the time, however in the whole picture it looked different, this was a very new, overwhelming and wonderful experience which I would not want to miss for anything !!

From that day on I practiced the meditation and the 11 step process every day for 28 days!

Since I started with FIT in my life everything changed,  my income increased three times within a few months, I was offered a job and started with big expectations, I love my day to day life, we moved from a shared villa to our own villa and have now been able to relax into a very comfortable lifestyle.

Having these great results in my own life made me want to share with others (and create this page for Holistic Retreats) and show people that they can change their life forever and to get to live their life to the fullest.

This is one of the holistic Retreats we are looking at for our first Retreat!

Loretta and I met again after 4 years, I traveled to Mexico to join one of her Retreats and it was amazing!!!

Well, you probably also wondered what happened to the wrong villa story. My agent friend had to pay back the money and I found them another villa in a better location but only for a few weeks, so Loretta decided to travel to Japan for a few weeks and when they came back to Bali they spent a couple of weeks in Ubud where I visited them to enjoy another life changing session!

Come and join us in our new adventure of our Holistic Retreats!

Start enjoying life, increase the potential to earn the money you need to live the life of your dreams, find your true love, get healthy, lose weight or simply increase the quality of life you already have - the choice is yours !

We are planning a Retreat in 2015 in Bali and/or Australia! Let us know which would be your preferred place and we might just end up there :))

Or contact us for an introduction to FIT process to experience how fast changes can happen in your life

Only for a short time we offer special introduction rates and one on one sessions (either in person or on skype)

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