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Sumba Land for sale is a new page in our website, we have been traveling to this beautiful and promising island for a few years now and have had some great experiences.

By visiting different areas in the west part of Sumba, where Tambolaka is the main airport.

We can provide smooth paperwork with no hassle and you will know the road access is clear and the land is buildable, not many can .....


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contact me at for more information or an appointment to tell you more about this amazing Island.

We are based in Bali and are available for meetings here before helping you arranging a trip to Sumba. We have a car to show your the plots and we can help you arrange accommodation in different areas of the island.

We can give you information about what is on in Sumba and recommend areas to visit, if you need assistance to look at Sumba land for sale, you have come to the right page.

Sumba has been attracting a lot of visitors lately, due to the fact, that the airport has been renovated a few years ago and it is still expanding.

Daily Garuda jet flights make it easy to access the island, they fly daily from Denpasar (Bali) to Tambolaka (West Sumba) around 1pm and back at around 11am.

Sumba has a lot to offer for visitors, many waterfalls, the weekuri lake is an absolute must visit when you go and the coastline is just breath taking!

North west coast is considered for snorkelers and divers as the sea is calm and one can see dolphins and turtles on a daily basis.

South west is the surfers playground, with some of the highest waves in the world it attracts experienced surfers all year round.

What makes Sumba attractive to invest?

to name just a few examples....

We have the contacts of the Resort managers/owners and can help you to access for a visit (lunch/dinner on appointment only) or a stay at these wonderful places at a discounted rates.

Please contact us for more information

"Sumba to be the first Green island in Indonesia"

Sumba is rich in natural sources of renewable energy - including sun, wind, water, biomass from plants and biogas.

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