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Plan your spa weekend getaways Bali and find out about the different treatments available.

It doesn't matter how little or much time you have to spend for a visit to a spa, I think it is a MUST while you stay in Bali!

Bali offers you a huge variety of treatments, starting with massages, scrubs, reflexology. manicure, pedicure, facials, hair spas, foot spas - the list is never ending!

Depending on your budget you can have some great treatments in local Bali spas or in one of the many highest standard Bali luxury spa resorts.

The word spa means water treatment. When I came first to Bali I did not know what it involves, so if you have not tried it yet, here is some information about

spa packages

If you read about foot spas. this does not mean that they only wash your feet but also it includes a massage of your feet and they apply some very high quality lotion or creme so it is a truly new experience of the words Wwater treatment.

A hair Sspa starts with washing your hair, a head massage and then they apply some conditioner to your hair. Because people spend a lot of time on the beach, in the sea or pool the hair dries out and a hair spa brings it all back to a healthy, hydrated and shiny looking hair.

A full spa package usually includes several treatments, which you can choose from. They start with a foot bath (not a foot spa, this is really just to wash your feet), then you choose if you want a body scrub combined with a massage or a massage with a body wrap, depending on what you feel like, the packages usually finish with a hot flower bath and they will apply some creme.
If you only arrived in Bali you might choose a body wrap because it is nice and relaxing, especially if you spent the day on the beach and got a little bit too much sun, they do some perfect cooling body wraps.

Before you fly home after a nice relaxing holiday you may want to get a body scrub, as this removes old skin and will leave you with a perfect shiny skin, it also will keep your suntan longer, when you are back home.

Karma Kandara Spa (Jimbaran/Uluwatu)

One of the most beautiful out of the many luxury spa resorts in Bali is in Karma Kandara, it is the perfect spot for spa weekend getaways Bali seekers, check out the view!

Nammos Beach Kandara

At Kandara you get the finest treatments, many ingredients used for the treatments are organically grown and harvested. Their staff have received level 2 Reiki training and are retrained every three months.

The treatment you choose includes the possibility to use their far infrared sauna without extra charge (click here to read more about the benefits of the far infrared sauna). The sauna is located at the edge of the cliff, check out the view you have from here. The benefits of a far infrared sauna are known more and more around the world and it is time that everybody gets to feel these. So why not choose this spa as the one of the Bali spa weekend getaways?

click here to go to my favourite spa

Bali Bliss Massage Jimbaran

If you are looking for just a very good full body massage or reflexology I can recommend Bliss Massage center in Jimbaran, coming from Mac Donalds, driving on Uluwatu II Road toward Pepenero Restaurant or Intercontinental Hotel you will find Bliss on your right hand side before the traffic light.

Phone 03617925698, they have 4 massage Beds so maybe it is easier to make a reservation. Choose between the standard massage (about 77.000 Rps = approx. 8.50 US$ for one hour), therapeutic massage or even yoga massage. If you prefer them coming to your villa or hotel ask them to, they will charge you a little extra for that.

Create your own Spa Weekend Getaway Package for a couple or a group!!

We can help you put a great spa weekend getaway together to a good value if you want to spend a weekend with two or more people. Check out this great villa:

3 two bedroom villas on Bali Cliff with an extra "mother house"

It is an excellent quiet location to relax and enjoy a fully serviced weekend, we can arrange a special package for you including spa treatments, food on request and all services you need to make it a perfect weekend getaway, contact us and let us know exactly what you are looking for!

Weight Loss Spa Ubud

If you are looking for one of the less pricy spa weekend getaways Bali or for a Bali weight loss spa you might want to check out this resort in Ubud

They offer many short breaks or whole week spa vacation Ppackages and they also use the far infrared sauna, so the benefits are the same, the location is in the center of Ubud, so close to all the beautiful ricefields, Monkey Forest and the Bird Park.

I went there to find out more about this Bali weight loss spa or Bali health and fitness spa.

Click here to learn about my experince in this weight loss spa.

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