Seminyak Investment

This Seminyak Investment is one of the nicest and best ones I have seen on the market so far.

As it is illegal to own freehold properties as a non Indonesian in Bali, we always recommend to get a long lease hold property which can be purchased in your own name and will never have a proplem with the indonesian law, we will add more information about the different ownerships soon.

This unique villa design is attracting many visitors to stay and spend an unforgettable time in Bali. There are 23 Villas in this Resort (one, two, three and four bedroom villas), all villas are individually owned but have the same design and similar interiors for easy promotions on the holiday rental market!

The prime location, right behind eating Street with Ultimo Restaurant, Rumors and walking distance to Seminyak Square with Shops and more Restaurants, approx. 10 min walk to KudeTa with Beach makes it a great choice!

At the moment there are 5 Villas available on resale which are great Seminyak Investment opportunities. There are 45 years lease left on each property - until january 2058, with option to extend for another 40 years. There is a management/marketing plan in place, all is ready to takeover and earn money immediately, this is a true gem for a Seminyak Investment.

3 x one bedroom villas are on sale - land sizes are between 190 sqm, to 210 sqm - with the same design this villa offers a great potential for honeymooners and couples traveling. The villa resort has 24h security, a reception area, office and a villa manager, the golf carts take all the guests to their villas where the staff will offer them cold towels, welcome drinks and full explanation of usage of the villa, they will also take the order for breakfasts and any needs (i.e. massages, home deliveries, cook on demand etc.)

The stylish, luxurious bedroom is overlooking the pool, full privacy in every villa will make your stay an unforgettable one! Rates for the one bedroom villas range from 370 US$++ to 430 US$++ depending on season (All rates are quoted in US$, subject to +10% service charge + 11% government tax) which will give your Seminyak Investment a real good return on investment (ROI)

clean and large sized bedrooms and bathrooms make it feel like a home away from home. When you own one of these Seminyak Investment Villas, you can spend 2 weeks during low season and two weeks during high season (subject to availability in your own or another same sized villa) and can enjoy the return on investment through a rental pool (split by sizes of villas/occupancies).

This Bathtub is inviting for a nice bath after a long flight!

Feel free to contact us for more information about this fantastic Seminyak Investment opportunity

The one bedroom villas are for sale for only 450.000 US$/each

Get your dream villa now !

More details about management/marketing

For those who decide not to reside in their villa, the villa offers a comprehensive and flexible management and rental program. Management services include all those that can be expected in a world class five star resort, from twice a day cleaning of the villa, garden and pool, to reception, butler and concierge service, shuttle limousine within the Seminyak area, golf buggy service within the estate, around the clock room service, private chef upon request, and 24hr security service. A total staff of 84 people is planned to provide attentive service under the supervision of an experienced General Manager.

The rental program has been carefully studied in order to maximise and balance returns among the owners and the developer. The Villas Rental Revenues are pooled together, and distributed among owners through a simple formula that takes into account the nights in which the villa is available for rent, the number of bedrooms in the villa, and the published rental rate of the villa. In this way, the intrinsic differences among each villa are taken into consideration when distributing the revenues, ensuring no owner is either penalised or advantaged. The Villas Rental Revenues are calculated and accounted every day, and distributed to owners on a monthly basis, a great plus for a Seminyak investment

The costs that an owner must sustain when participating to the rental pool are grouped in two families:

  • A fixed Estate Fee . This is an annual fee that covers the costs incurred by the Estate Manager in providing all the common services, and a management charge for the provision of the services and the use of the facilities owned by the Estate Manager. Services include the cleaning and maintenance of all common areas like garden, pathways, water features; 24 hr reception, security and shuttle service; the distribution of water, electricity (including back-up generator), internet and satellite TV, and sewage systems; all administrative and legal expenses to run the estate including insurance, relationships with the local community and daily offerings. All these cost are budgeted annually and paid for in advance.
  • A variable Marketing Fee . This is a monthly fee equal to 60% of the Villas Rental Revenues. This fee covers all the operational costs to run the villa and rewards the management company for its expenses and success in marketing the villa. No other hidden costs are present.

This system of distributing revenues and charging costs have been studied by the developer and marketing team using the experience honed in years of work in business developments across a variety of industries around the world as well as in the hospitality business in Bali, and after having studied the real economics laying behind the management of a villa complex. There are several advantages of such a system including:

  • Estate Manager's and owners' profits are linked together. This ensures that owners' interests and developer's interests are aligned towards a common objective: the increase of rental revenues.
  • Operational costs to run the villas are the sole responsibility of the Estate Manager. Several systems adopted in Bali by other developments charge the operational costs to owners while the Estate Manager is the one who is actually in control of these costs. These systems might lead to situations in which the Estate Manager is motivated to increase rental revenues but not to control operational costs, whose burden is borne solely by the owners.
  • Transparency in accounting: rental revenues are electronically registered daily and once these are determined owners know what their income is.

The villas are distributed through a multitude of channels and markets, and marketed using the most advanced techniques. The developers and marketing team, thanks to their experience in Bali, already have access to a network of over 100 booking agents specialising in private villas in Bali. This will constitute just a small piece of a larger mosaic. Most important for a large development that has access to the wholesale market, made of tour operators, travel agencies, airlines, and Internet booking/holiday portals. This will make your Seminyak Investment a successful one!

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