Sanur Beach - a nice one out of the Bali Beaches

Sanur Beach is in the area which was first developed for tourists, it is about 35 minutes drive toward east from the airport.

Sanur is full of surprises - you can choose from 5 star resorts right on the beach (you probably will find most of the beach resorts in Sanur area). Great place to go for long walks along the beach!

Look out for these little huts, you can sit or lay in them and watch the sea and if you are lucky you will have a great view of Mount Agung.

There are a lot of 5 star resorts along the beach of Sanur, one of them is the Hyatt, walk in and have a look around - it is quite impressive - great place for a real italian espresso!

When you walk along the beach you will find a lot of private properties and small villa resorts, restaurants, warungs, massage places, boat rentals and of course the beach sales people.

Everybody will talk to you and try to either sell you something or guide you to the local beach market.

Never forget to bargain when you want to buy something - my general rule is: half the price at first and then agree to what you think you would spend for the product - normally about 60 to 70% of the first price is reasonable.

The more you buy the better the price, so collect all the items you might want to buy (ask for the price of each item when you chose it and add it all together before you start the haggling).

Never start negotiating the price if you do not intend to buy!

If you cannot get the price you aiming for start walking away, usually that helps.

When you relax on a sunbed somebody might approach you and ask if you want a massage, this is normal in Bali. Everybody offers their services on the beach - you get some beach girls selling sarongs, blouses or cloths, masks, toys and gifts and others massages.

Try the massage or reflexology it's great and very relaxing!

And later have a break at a spot you like and have a snack or lunch before you go for another swim or for more shopping along Sanur Beach.

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