Luxury Spa Resorts, here is one of them!

My favorite out of the many Bali luxury spa resorts is this one in Jimbaran Kandara. I want to share these pictures with you here and I want to give you an idea how it feels to be here!

Part of this spa is a far infrared sauna, it is built on the cliff so you can enjoy the view over the ocean! One of the best choices of the luxury spa resorts.

I have never been a big sauna fan and was not very keen in trying the infrared sauna until I read about all the benefits.

Basically it has a lot more power to detox through your skin, it helps you lose fat, cellulites and it increases your metabolism, best of all you only need to spend about 30 minutes in a lower temperature (results are seen by using temperatures between 18 and 60 C) If you try it in a location like this Karma Kandara Spa, I can promise you, you will love it! Well, I did!

Read more about the Infrared Sauna Benefits

While your body is working hard you can read a magazine, listen to the meditation Mmusic or just watch the ocean. When you have finished your 30 minutes there is a cold water shower outside to cool you down and you can wrap yourself in one of this really thick spa towels or bathrobes before you walk over to the heated jacuzzi (hot tub) overlooking Nammos Beach.

This extra to the treatment you choose is worth the visit in this great spa built on the cliff, overlooking the Indian Ocean.

I love to go there in the mornings as most people are at the beach and most of the time I am on my own, however when you go there late afternoon you can watch the most beautiful sunsets while you are melting away!

For me Karma Kandara is one of the best choices out of the spa weekend getaways.

A very warm welcome when you arrive is just the beginning of a great relaxing time! One reason to choose this one out of the luxury spa resorts.

You will be seated in these comfortable seats and the girls will explain you what the treatments are while you are drinking a refreshing lemon grass tea.

Bodyworker's are selected for their healing skills and talent and not all of them have mastered the english language, but your Spa concierge will answer all your questions and recommend the treatment to your specific needs.

The spa is nestled along the cliff of this villa resort and you feel like in the jungle, surrounded by trees and monkeys

There are always a lot of monkeys around the resort, so don't leave any food or drinks unattended, they might just go for it!

After your treatment you might want to enjoy the view from the rooftop of the restaurant!

Or enjoy your stay in your private villa?

Or have a rest in your bedroom, overlooking your private pool?

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