La Mexicana Bali

La Mexicana Bali - now there is a new mexican restaurant in Jl. Raya Canggu (before it was Lemongrass Thai Restaurant), it has only opened a few weeks ago (april 2013) and it is a great place to enjoy a very good sized meal for a reasonable price!

The new owners have changed the whole interior design into a great cozy place which is suitable for events or just a nice lunch/dinner with friends or family, there is fast WIFI available through the whole place.

Plenty of car parks make it easy to choose this place for your next eat out!

And not only food - also their typical Sangria consists of local red wine, ice, fresh fruit and orange juice, we feel that the original Sangria should have a shot of Tequila, white Rum and some lime juice, we love it like that! Try it!

Or the not be missed Frozen Margarita with the salt crust! There are plenty of other drink choices to accompany your original mexican dish! Did I mention the portions are very large and the taste is fantastic? Yes, I did!

From the classic Chilli Con Carne (not too spicy, just enough to enjoy the spices), of course with home made corn chips, guacamole and the brown rice, La Mexicana Bali is the one of the best places to try this dish, I have tried many others!

Another great choice is the Burrito Supreme, make sure you are hungry, this is a very rich Burrito full of flavors!!

If you are not too hungry I would recommend the tacos, these are the soft tacos but on the menu it says crispy tacos, Bill prefers them soft, no problem to change the meal to your taste, the staff is very helpful and well trained!

And just when you thought you have seen it all, these baby cock arrives with its family out of the nicely new decorated cactus garden, he really likes to pose hahaha....

All in all we love this new place and will be back very soon!!

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New! Comments

Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.