Jimbaran Villa Management - the solution for every Villa owner!!

Jimbaran Villa Management is the solution for all the problems with holiday rentals, long term rentals in Bali.

Think about it - in any country the tenant would be hold responsible for damages or maintenance (in long term rentals) but in Bali people seem to think they can walk into a brand new villa and use and abuse it before they leave - without paying a penny for putting it back to what it was!

We have heard some bad stories about such tenants here in Bali! It is then up to the owner to do all renovation.

We found it strange that the villas we rented always came with staff, at least one, who usually was a butler (does cleaning, maintenance, gardening, security), but then we thought about it!

This guarantees the owner or the management company that somebody is looking after the property whilst it is rented out and it means they can control damages.

As the management companies have their own staff in the villas, they started to get inquiries for rentals from locals, agents or clients passing the villa and asking for availability for themselves or friends so that increased the bookings.

What does Jimbaran Villa Management do?

they service and maintain your property to highest standards

they provide their own staff to look after your property and your guests or they train your staff so they can provide high standard services

they do your marketing to get more bookings and increase your rental income

they look after your property when you are not there

Our friend Mr Made is looking after several properties around Bali and his reputation is immaculate. Some examples of private Villas he is looking after:

Villa in Umalas (click here to see full information)

Villa in Bukit (click here to see full Information)

private villa in Jimbaran (click here to see full information)

He picks up the clients at the airport, get's them a welcome drink on arrival, some cool towels and some fruit and helps them to settle in easily.

He arranges spa services in the villa, car hire (with or without driver), sorts out internet connections (if not available), books tours and helps with anything they need to have a great time and guarantees you best feedbacks and reviews to get more bookings in the future.

Are you ready to use Jimbaran Villa Management services?

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