Jimbaran Beach the famous place for Seafood in Bali

Jimbaran Beach is about 10 minutes drive from the airport. A few of the best resorts are located close to this beach, like Intercontinental, Four Seasons, Ayana (formal Ritz Carlton), Karma Jimbaran and a few more.

You can buy fresh seafood here almost every day.

All the small places along Bali Jimbaran Beach are grilling fresh seafood.

Look at the size of this king prawn!

But the real speciality is the Jimbaran paste, it is a slightly spicy chili paste with many ingredients such as garlic, turmeric, candle nuts, shallots and some others which make it just perfect.

All seafood is grilled over dried coconut shells.

Usually you can see big smoke around all the seafood places in early noon and just before sunset, that's when everybody gets ready for hungry visitors arriving from all over Bali island.

During the day this is just another beach in Bali where you can take a long walk and go for a swim or try to surf, stop at one of the many seafood places for a refreshment and a snack or have a seafood meal.

But just before sunset the whole beach changes into a big restaurant, every warung puts out their tables, chairs and candles onto the beach to get ready for a spectacular evening.

You should come here early and watch the Bali sunset!

When you choose your seafood at the entrance they will take you to your table and that is what you get as a full meal:

some roasted peanuts with your drink followed by a salad to start with, some sauces (be careful some of them are very spicy), the seafood you ordered, a basket of steamed Rice and some fruit for dessert.


We take everybody to this feast at least once during their stay with us. I am not a big fish fan but as they open it and spread the paste on it before they grill it, the flavour is just so different from whatever fish I have ever eaten before.

I now enjoy every seafood meal because i know how tasty it is, we have never been disappointed!

Great place!!

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