ionic foot bath or oxygen foot bath - best detox for our body

This ionic foot bath is a real detox machine, if you find it in a spa or health center, you must try it!!

Watch this video for information:

The chinese medicine teaches us that most of our accupressure points are in our feet, so it does make sense to detox through our feet. I highly recommend a good pedicure to remove old skin and a scrub to clean your feet completely before using a ionic foot bath - the results will be a lot better.

How does it work?

I read a lot of explanations, most of them sound very complicated so I will use simple words which might not be accurate terms for what really happens:

The bath sends a small current through our body (you won't feel any discomfort), the positive (good) molecules attach to the negative (bad) molecules and transport them out of our body - through your cells on our feet. You can see the result in the water, it changes color and shows you which part of our body has been detoxed most.

White Foam indicates you are detoxifying your Lymph nodes

Yellow and Green relates to urinary tract and kidneys

you will see Orange color if you have problems with your joints, i.e. arthritis

Red color or Red flakes detoxed the Blood

Green points to the Gallbladder

Black or brown water indicates to the liver

Black flakes indicates that heavy metals have been removed

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