Goa Gong Villa sale

This Goa Gong villa sale is a renovated 3 bedroom villa. The owner told us they were two villas and they connected them to one, it is located on top of one of the Goa Gong hills and the view is breathtaking!!

The next photo shows the outside front of the villa on the first floor.

There are two bedrooms on this floor, both spacious with a lot of room in between them - good to create a day resting area or office space. Both bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms with separate shower and bathtub.

The master bedroom with the bathroom and garden behind bathroom

the dressing area separat from bedroom with a lot of space

The guest bedroom with the connection hall

The entrance, facility room and kitchen with balcony

On this floor you will find first the facility room, then the kitchen, then a living area which is planned to be the dining area and a living room at the end of the building, all around the whole area there is a balcony so everybody can enjoy the full views. In front of the house is a garden with a fishpond, an outdoor shower, a pool, a gazebo and a third small building where the 3rd bedroom with bathroom will be ready soon. When you walk down to the main entrance area, there is a double garage - which could be changed into maid rooms if daily staff is required. As the villa is on top of the hill the look at it is quite impressive. We tried to get some great photos on it but have not got the right ones yet - Be patient with us - we will add them very soon!

We are happy to introduce you to the owner if you are interested in more information. Please contact us and ask us for selling price

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