Geger Beach - one of the many Bali Beaches (South Bali)

Geger Beach is in the south of Bali in the Nusa Dua area - if you pass the Novotel and the St. Regis Resort you will find a sign to turn left towards this beach, if you stay in the Nusa Dua area this is a great beach to visit!

It is very clean and not as busy as Kuta Beach, it's a great place to swim in the indian ocean (when they are not harvesting the seaweed, watch the tide!!), surfers are far out of the swimming area and along the beach you will find some great warungs (local restaurants) to eat traditional indonesian food!

The Warung 888 (Bagong 888) is our favourite, the staff is always in a good mood and very helpful! The bamie goreng (see picture above) is great. bamie goreng are fried noodles with vegetables and egg, you can also tell them to put some chicken (ayam) or prawns (udang) in it. If you prefer fried rice ask for nasi goreng.
Another great choice is the sate ayam (chicken kebabs), they arrive on a small charcoal grill and a separate peanut sauce and some white rice - famous all over the island either with chicken (ayam), duck (bebek), pork (babi) or a mixture of all of them. If you are not a fan of the peanut sauce always ask to put it separate.

When you are on the beach and the tide is in, that's the view you will get, it is great to see the seaweed harvesters at work!

Seaweed is known in the cosmetic industry, they add it to soaps, lotions, cremes and any other product you use on your skin or hair.

Seaweed added as an ingredient will soothe damaged or irritated skin, help healing infections. It is a great detox and cleanse, the vitamins and minerals are feeding your skin so it can become really smooth.

It is harvested in this little area in the south of Bali and there is a cooperative which is producing and selling these products worldwide.

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