Flores land for sale

Flores land for sale:

Golomori - 4.734 ha

Batu Gosok 1.3425 ha

Kelapa 1.1 ha

contact us for more information on location and price !

One of Indonesia's most beautiful islands is Flores (Flores means Flower); it is the main gate to the Marine Natural Park and a dream destination for divers from all over the world. Over land tourism is in the increase as there are plenty of pristine lakes and waterfalls and traditional villages. On the way to Flores is Komodo Island, a UNESCO designated natural wonder, with its famous Komodo dragons, More and more visitors come to Flores to see the amazing sunsets or go on boat trips to other beautiful destinations on nearby islands.
Flores is fast becoming a unique destination with a steady increase in real estate investments. Recognizing the high growth potential of the island, infrastructure development is strongly supported by the government. The newly expanded and renovated Labuan Bajo airport is now catering to daily flights from and to Bali, and is well positioned to accommodate the anticipated increase in tourism arrivals. Direct flights from Singapore, Jakarta and even Australia are already being formalized. Further, an expansion of the island's highway system is underway. These are only a few of the reasons for Indonesian citizens and expatriates to invest in this beautiful island.

Flores land for sale is your guide to a great investment!

Flores land for sale is added to our website as we receive more and more enquiries about this remote place close to the Komodo National Park and the diving areas. With the new airport opened, the tourists on this island will increase dramatically. There are already about 5 flights per day coming from Bali to Labuan Bajo (Flores), Garuda has just started flying into Labuan Bajo on a daily basis, the flight time is about 1 hour to 1 hour and a half depending on aircraft.

Labuan Bajo is still small and it is a fishing village with a lot of charme, right on the sea, overlooking those beautiful humpy islands and they have the most amazing sunset I have ever seen!!

one great place to stay when traveling to Flores is Laprima Hotel, apart from the food the rooms are great and the pool area invites for a swim.

If you want to go and see some nice places around Flores, Waecicu is a nice place to visit, by boat it takes approx. 10 min.

Are you looking at a great investment? Flores land prices have been going up every year for the last few years and prognoses are it will continue so.

We have direct connections and contacts to land owners in Flores and have reliable notaries to handle the land deals. At the moment land is selling fast and there is not much left!

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New! Comments

Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.