Bali Dreamland Beach and New Kuta Beach or Klapa

Bali Dreamland - what a beautiful name! This has always been a place to take our family and friends to see the "old local charm" of Bali beaches.

The entrance is impressive and the views are stunning so it shouldn't really have been a surprise that this area will be built up soon.

What surprises me is the Name "New Kuta Beach", I am not a fan of Kuta Beach at all, as it is crowded and noisy and next to the road.

This Beach is - or maybe I should say WAS a nice and relaxing beach with a lot of surfers and cozy beach huts with great food and views. All the huts were on stilts which made the fantastic views even better.

This is the entrance to this great area. From the Aairport you head towards Uluwatu - up the hill it takes about 15 to 20 minutes depending on the traffic until you find this massive entrance on your right hand side. As soon as you pass the security gate you will have the open view down to the ocean!

And these are some pictures of the "old" views of the beach.

And now let's move on to the New Kuta Beach or Klapa!

I guess the area is great for a beach resort like the West Inn and they just finished many villas around the cliff, overlooking the indian ocean. The New Kuta Golf, with 18 championship golf coles on the Clifftop is another asset to this area, so why not add a big entertainment complex on top of the cliff, overlooking the most beautiful sunsets in Bali.

When you walk down to the beach, there are many little counters selling food and drinks and the tables are set in the beach overlooking the Sunbeds, the beach sellers and the surfers.

I guess, it is still a nice beach to go to and the new Klapa building is stunning with the views and if the entertainment is as good as the promotion it could become one of the top places to go to in Bali! Want to see more pictures of Klapa Lounge? click here

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