I was looking for this Bali weight loss spa for a while. When I started to research for the best and of course easiest way to lose weight and to do a detox at the same time, I found a lot of offers but none of them seemed to do all I wanted.

I wanted a full detox including colon cleanse and raw food or juice fasting, but I also wanted the far infrared sauna, I wanted to try the powerplate and I wanted some nice spa treatments to enjoy my time in Ubud, whilst away from my home.

A very powerful detox as well is the ionic foot bath, or ionic foot spa (click here for more Information) Well, this spa did not have one, but if you can find a spa or health center which has it, I really recommend to try it!

I went to this spa and my results after a six day full detox including colon cleanse every day are amazing! I lost 3 kilos which seem to stay off, but I also lost lots of bloating and gas I had accumulated in my body. My skin is getting really nice and smooth and my digestion has improved a lot. I can smell nice flavours and I am enjoying healthy food as I can feel the difference it makes to my body, so I can highly recommend this bali weight loss spa!

I was afraid of the colon hydrotherapy as I never tried this before, but I had been told that it is the best thing ever - so I booked the 6 day special total tissue cleansing program

The special total tissue cleansing program activities included:
- 6 days of natural nutritional supplements + fasting drink/natural juices
- 6 sessions of colonic hydrotherapy
- 1 session of javanese Mandi Lulur (each includes 1hour massage)
- 1 session of body detoxifying body mask & wrap
- 1 session of body wrap treatment
- 6 night accommodation for single occupancy

The accommodation is in either one of their cottages or in a room overlooking a small river. The quality is good but don't expect 5 star. The accommodations are cleaned every day and the staff puts fresh flowers around your room and bathroom, there are moskito nets around all the beds, the weight loss spa in Bali has a lot of ponds and water surrounding all the buildings and because you are in the center of Bali all the gardens are in a lush green. It is in a quiet location so you can relax during the day and you do have a lot of privacy.

The first day I was a little bit confused to find the way to reception, restaurant or swimming pool, but there are signs to guide you around and some of the staff might be around to tell you where to go! After your first walk around you will know where places are.

I was so afraid before my first colon hydrotherapy (colon cleanse) - but these girls made me feel better every day, Yanti is a nurse and has been working there for 13 years, she can easily relax you and make you feel comfortable as she explains everything to you and I learned a lot about good food and bad food. Did you know that the skin of tomatoes, bell peppers and potatoes can stay in your colon up to three years until you get rid of it?

After arriving in this amazing Bali weight loss spa I changed the description from Bali weight loss spa to health and fitness spa, it is so much more then just a weight loss spa! Thanks to Yanti (left) and Yani!!!

The fasting is very simple, you get some supplement tablets with your fruit or vegetable drink and I can highly recommend their herb tea with Gginger and you should drink the young coconut water every day (click here for more information)

Apart from the juices and teas you have to drink as much water as possible, about 6 of these bottles are recommended per day. In the program I booked there were 3 juices included, the tablets and as much water as I wanted, all the extra teas or juices between meals I had to pay extra, you are looking at about 2,50 us/per juice, so not bad at all.

Yes! That's your breakfast, lunch and dinner in this Bali weight loss spa! They do have a good variety of fruit and vegetable Juices so you can enjoy it a bit more.

The raw food menu they have is absolutely great, so if you want to fast but are not too much into juices, there are a lot of choices for healthy meals, salads or soups. If you want to lose some extra kilos try to avoid the fruit juices and go for vegetable juices instead or vegetable soups, fruit juices have too much sugar and will stop the weight loss.

If you are visiting Bali for the first time and you want to combine fasting with some Bali activities, I highly recommend to book this program in this Bali weight loss spa:

Body, mind and spirit rejuvenation program
what you get with this program:
- Private accommodation in water garden bungalow for 6 nights
- 2 craniosacral therapy sessions
- health consultation
- 1 reflexology session
- 1 aromatherapy massage
- 1 Mandi Kemiri (Candlenut scrub treatment)
- 1 Reiki session
- 1 Mandi Lulur (javanese lulur body scrub)
- 1 facial
- 1 body detoxifying treatment
- 6 colonic hydrotherapy sessions
- 6 day liquid fasting with fresh natural juices
- free use of our spa facilities; steam room, sauna, jacuzzi and swimming pool
- sunrise or sunset rice field walks
- daily yoga
- daily meditation
- evening balinese dance performance
- site seeing and shopping around Ubud
- free transfer to and from airport
- complimentary sarongs, towels, sandals and purified drinking water

Please note that on Sundays there is no colonic hydrotherapy available

With this program you have all food or juices included and you can enjoy the rice field walks and some balinese dances, it includes a lot more treatments and will give you a great idea about this Bali weight loss spa!

Some great photographs from rice paddi walks:

If you are interested in this program in this Bali weight loss spa or one of the many others they offer please contact us and I will give you all information you need and some personal advice.

If you want to prepare yourself for the Bali weight loss spa and lose some weight before you go there - or if you cannot go there, here is my favorite quick weight loss plan, believe me it is so simple and it works all the time, you are even allowed one glass of wine (I just love my glass of wine with my dinner).

But the most important thing is that you choose the foods you like and a generator puts all your meals together, so you only eat what you like!! It is the best weight loss program I have tried - and yes, unfortunately I have tried many!

After my first eleven days I saw that it is possible to lose belly fat easy, in fact it is the fastest weight loss plan I ever followed and it works!!

It is an eleven day plan and you will get a break for three days when you can eat whatever you like before starting a different eleven day plan, it is great!! It is the best alternative to the weight loss spa I could find.

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