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Bali is just one of many islands in Indonesia, the capital of Bali is Denpasar (shortcut DPS) and the airport Ngurah Rai is the only one on the island where national and international flights arrive. You can already get a feel of the island whilst landing, fishing boats will always be there to welcome tourism to the island.

With the new airport open since september 2013 the island just became a bit more sophisticated.

To find out about the best flight deals check out the link below. If it is a long flight time from your departure airport, we do recommend to invest a bit more money for flights to Bali. Emirates and Singapore Airlines are the most comfortable ones and the service is excellent.

Airport Ngurah Rai

Indonesian visa (Bali visa):


Very important Bali travel information!!

(click here for Yahoo exchange rates) Do not overstay your visa - immigration is very strict and they will charge you 25 US$/day for overstay. -Specializing in Cheap Flights F

Bali internet

I realized that a good Bali travel information is the internet here, there are a few providers who supply the USB stick, which can be plugged into a power point and will give wifi access, depending on which area you stay we recommend Smartfren, Telkomsel or XL
If you stay longer, need a faster connection, there are many internet providers in Bali, again, you need to check which one offers good coverage in your area, we recommend to contact Bali MediaNet, Blueline or ultimately Global Xtreme, they all offer different packages with different rates, but should supply a stable connection

When I started using Smartfren and was happy with the speed, but as I am sitting long hours in front of my computer I realized that the speed is not stable, early hours great speed, during the day dreadful slow!
Now I found this special program which speeds up the internet speed dramatically and it works for every system anywhere in the world. I used to use it when we first arrived in Bali

ONSPEED - The Alternative To Broadband

It says for dial up it can be up to 10x faster, for usb connections up to 8x and for Broadband up to 5x. If you use a Speed Test before installing Onspeed you can measure the difference (or if you live in Bali you can see it instantly! :) ).

Best thing is they also speed up mobile phone connections!

10x faster browsing on your mobile phone! ONSPEED mobile makes surfing on the move a pleasure.

I am very happy with the speed and it makes it so easy to use the internet all over Bali!! Try it!!

Bali map (map of Indonesia)

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The population in Bali was recorded as 3,151,000 in 2005. The main religion here is hindu (a minority in indonesia). About 93% of Bali's inhabitants are hindus, most of the others follow islam.

Bali is the largest tourist destination in indonesia because it is highly developed, main tourist areas are Kuta, Sanur, Seminyak followed by Nusa Dua and Jimbaran. There are many things to do in Bali, if you like cultural things or art you will be impressed by the balinese dances, sculptures, paintings, leather, metalworks and silver crafts.

The products are sold in many markets and all over the island. You will find the same products again and again.

Bali weather (Bali travel information)

The climate in Bali is warm all year round (endless summer) with high humidity. There is a wet season (from october to march/april) and a dry season (april to september), june, july and august are windy, however the climate is changing as everywhere. We have longer rainy seasons now. It is still good to travel in Bali anytime really, however areas like the mountains and Ubud will be more wet, so we recommend to bring an umbrella for these excursions.

Rain in Bukit but not in Jimbaran (Bali Travel Information)

Bali money (Indonesian currency)

Here is some more important Bali travel information about Bali money and Bali banks:

The currency in Bali is indonesian rupiahs, there are notes of 100.000, 50.000, 20.000, 10.000, 5.000 and 1.000, coins are 1.000, 500, 200 and 100.

Almost all ATM cards are accepted, but not all ATM machines have the same limit to take out. Some give 1.250.000, some give you 3.000.000 IDR

The Bank opening hours in Bali are

monday to thursday 8am to 2pm
fridays from 8am to 11am

This opening hours are approximately as they might not let you in at 10.55am on a friday, make sure you are early and be patient as you might be waiting for a long time.

Bali Travel Information about Traffic and Taxis

The traffic in Bali is very hectic, most of the balinese people have bikes (scooters) and travel with the whole family on them or even with some massive furniture as it is their only way to get around.

For a holiday or if you are not used to drive a car (especially for europeans, as they drive on the left hand side of the road here in Bali), we recommend to use Taxis or hire a car with driver.

If you plan to explore the island then you should consider hiring a driver who speaks good english and can give you all interesting Bali travel information. It is not easy to find your way around if you are here the first time, signs are rare and seldom very informative, the maps are ok but as the traffic is so busy it won't give you much time to decide where to go. GPS might work in certain areas but it is not used very often.

When using a Taxi we highly recommend Bluebird Taxis (phone number: 0361701111), they are easy to spot, the color of the car is light blue and the sign on top of the car has a blue bird on it. They use meters like everywhere in the world and the minimum fee is 30.000 rps (about 1.50 US$) during the day and a bit more later in the evening. Bluebird Taxis are reliable and will usually not try to drive you around town to get you to your desired destination.

There are also transport points, like from shopping malls, they will show you a list of how much it costs to get to certain areas, usually they are more expensive.

Let us know if you need more Bali travel information, contact us for more information and ask your questions, we will be happy to answer your Bali travel information questions as quick as possible!

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