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How to find your Bali Dream Villa?

We can help you find your Bali dream villa, please fill in the following form and let us know what exactly you are looking for.

Every person is different and so are the expectations or imaginations of a Bali dream villa.

We have added a few villas so far and will add a lot more very soon, so you have an idea what we like - but is it your taste? Would you be happy to stay in these styles of Bali villas?

When we are planning our holidays we only want to have what WE like and it usually takes me a bit of time to find the right place, but I don't stop searching for it until I found it!

Bill always asks me how I found that place (in Bali, in Goa, in Portugal, in Cape Verde etc....), well, I know what we are looking for and I know what we can afford, so by looking around a bit and talking to people and accepting some help - I was always able to get us the best deals on great properties.

If you are interested in a dream holiday in your dream villa in Bali, please let us know and we will put you into your dream vacation!!

Find me a Villa

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We can be even more helpful if you could mention your budget and the location if you have been here before.

If it is your first visit we would like to know what you intend to explore during your stay so we can evaluate the perfect location for you.

We know from experience that there are many different types of holidayers coming to Bali!

You want to relax in your villa, use the beautiful spas around Bali, wine and dine, dive, surf, visit some adventure parks, animal retreats or health spots?

Depending on your plans for your perfect holiday we can advise the best area for your holiday villa!

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