Bali Collection is THE Shopping Mall in Nusa Dua Bali

Bali Collection is located in the south of Bali (Nusa Dua) close to Jimbaran.

You enter the resort area through a security gate and will feel as if you have left Bali and arrived in a garden area with plenty of the high class resorts, signs to lead you around and everything is very clean.

The traffic is quiet and everything seems just to calm down in this place.

In the center of it you will find this shopping mall.

Bali Collection Nusa Dua

What is so special about this shopping mall?

It is an open mall, very american style and has everything you need to explore:

Fantastic food: indonesian, japanese and western,

there is a super market where you can get all the products you are looking for, including international newpspapers,

many department stores and

an authentic balinese handycrafts and art markets (balinese jewelry, Bali batik, sarongs, Bali masks, Bali lamps, etc.)

Prices are higher then in other places but shopping is easier in this place.

There are three entrances and is a great area for shopping and relaxing, they also offer massages, reflexologies so you could easy spend all day here.

In the evenings they show balinese dances on the stages around the entrance to the restaurant area and many restaurants offer live entertainment.

There are plenty of parking possibilities in the area and so far it is free parking.

There is also a free shuttle bus offering transport from the several resorts around the area.

Bali Collection opens daily at about 10 am, shops close around 9pm and restaurants stay open until late.

If you want to experience a different place in Bali this is where you want to go!

Some more pictures:

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