Bali Island - Island of the Gods

Are you thinking of coming to Bali Island?

The first time we thought about building a website about Bali Island was when we were in Goa (India). It has to do with Bill's work. We were recruiting new staff to come and work abroad from the UK.

Because we have been living abroad for many years now it makes it a lot easier to find our way around and find all the information we are looking for, plus I DO LOVE to research about places before we go there.

For most people it was the first time travelling abroad and being away from Europe for more than just a holiday. Bill asked me to put some information together so that when they arrived they felt welcome and not overwhelmed. So I did. I started with simple things like taxis, accommodation, sim cards, ATM machines, currency, distances to different places, supermarkets, doctors, hospitals, dentists, police and all other important things you have to find out when you arrive in a new place.

Now we have returned to our "home" and balinese family. The only reason we will leave will be on a temporary basis to visit family in Europe.

Some reasons we love it here:

Fantastic views of Mount Agung

These views are spectacular in the early months of the year when the rainy season clears the sky around the island and gives you a glance at some or all of the mountains.

Best king prawns we ever ate. Have a look! You get them at Jimbaran Beach

Nice rice fields and lovely people selling handycrafts

Many Beaches to choose from!

and so much more!

We will put a lot of information about Bali Island, Bali holidays, Bali villas, Bali spa getaways, Bali weight loss spas, Bali food, Bali restaurants, etc. into this website, such as: